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Electric Toasters

Electric toasters are small kitchen tools that give crispy bread when used. Electric toasters are capable of "cooking" the bread in one to three minutes. Bagels, muffins and buns are some of the kinds of bread that can be heated by electric toasters.

History of electric toasters

Right after the discovery of electricity, households still were unable to use electric toasters. Toasters in that era made use of wires that mandated incredibly high temperatures, which were still unattainable.

In 1905, Albert Marsh made a groundbreaking discovery - nichrome. This metallic substance had the capability to withstand the mandated heat levels needed by electric toasters. Right after this, somebody from American Electric Heater Company pushed for a patent. This was for his electric toaster. From that point on, there was no turning back. Various entities came out with their own versions of electric toasters.

The grandfather of electric toasters

Earlier kinds of electric toasters had mechanical timers, telling the user that the bread is done. Electric toasters of this generation had a thermal device, making the 1st cycle longer than the following cycles. Moreover, the device reacts to the toast's temperature. We now have very fancy toasters possessing computer control.

The most common kinds of electric toasters are the pop-up, toaster ovens and conveyor toasters. In pop-up electric toasters, the bread slices are placed between the slots. Once the slices are done, they pop out of the electric toasters. Toaster ovens are actually microwave electric ovens. They have a side door and a tray. With these, slices are placed horizontally on a tray and the door shuts. Conveyor toasters are electric toasters used if one has to toast a great number. This machine could take care of 350 up to 800 slices per hour. This is often used by catering entities.

There are also broil toaster ovens and semi-automatic electric toasters. Broil toaster ovens are electric toasters that move heat evenly. The auto shutoff mechanisms guarantee "accurate toasting" almost 100% of the time. These units have adjustable thermostats for uniform temperatures during the cooking process. Semi-automatic electric toasters heat 2 bread slices simultaneously.

Taking care of electric toasters

Excess crumbs falling to the base after using electric toasters would obstruct the movement of the carriage, and this is the reason manufacturers include crumb trays. These components could be pulled out without difficulty. Electric toasters have to be cleaned weekly to make sure that particles would not obstruct any part.

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